Helicopter services

We own a helicopter ENSTROM 280C.

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We own a helicopter ENSTROM 280 C, which is famous for its exceptional safety due to its rotor system and remarkable capability of autorotation. The helicopter is powered by a piston engine with a turbocharger. It also behaves perfectly in strong winds. The cabin is designed for 2–3 passengers and is extremely comfortable. Because of all these features it is one of the best helicopters for schooling.

Flight school

We are happy to present our flight school, where we can train you to become a future sports helicopter pilot. Our experienced flight instructors will carry out theoretical courses with you and then also practical flying.

The course of schooling:

100 hours of theory for a sports helicopter pilot
Theoretical test at the Aviation agency (CAA),
Medical certificate (Class 2),
10 hours of helicopter theory,
45 hours of practical helicopter flight (depending on the candidate),
Final exam flight with the flight examiner.

Helicopter rental

We also offer the rental of our helicopter. For all additional information regarding schooling and helicopter rental, contact us.

Other services

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